Aluminum Long-span vs Aluminum Step-tiles vs Metrocoppo

Pap vs Custard, Mayonnaise vs Butter, Fried Rice vs Jollof Rice, life is filled with diversity.

 Building a house poses the same issue, in the similitude of these foods that we all enjoy and contemplate picking from, we have several roofs to use, such as the Gerard roof, the aluminum roof, and the zinc roof, amongst others.

This blog post will highlight three roofs: Metrocoppo, Aluminum long-span roofs, and Aluminum step-tiles.

All these are types of Aluminum with their different qualities, pros and cons.

If you know stone-coated roofs well enough, you’ll know that it has several types: Milano, Roman, bond, and other designs.

As with a stone-coated roof which has several designs, the normal aluminum roof also has these three designs: Aluminum long-span, Metrocoppo, and Aluminum step-tiles.

As stated earlier, Aluminum long-span, Metrocoppo, and Aluminum step-tiles are all metallic roofs but with different qualities and looks that they give to a house.


They are all good roofs and choosing which you want depends on your desires and affinity based on aesthetic appeal, pricing, and other factors.

For a quick overview here’s a table highlighting the differences between Aluminum long-span,  Metrocoppo, and Aluminum step-tiles.

Aluminum long-span

Aluminum step-tiles


It isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

It is aesthetically pleasing giving a luxurious feel to houses.

It is aesthetically pleasing giving a traditional concrete look.

It helps to provide a perfect water drainage system, although sometimes it could require extra woodwork.

It doesn’t require extra woodwork.

It requires a lot of extra woodwork

It is monopolized and limited in color.

It is diversified.

It is diversified.

It is effortless to install.

It is complex to install

It is the most complex to install

It requires low maintenance. 

It is also a low-maintenance roof.

It is a high-maintenance roof.

It is good for industrial and warehouse buildings since it requires low maintenance.

It is efficient for commercial and residential buildings due to its beauty.

It is less practical for warehouses but best for residential places, as it tops all the aluminum roofs in beauty.

It is very common and it has no unique feature.

It has unique features.

It is the most unique of the three roofs.

Table of Content

  • Introduction to aluminum long-span roofing sheet
  • Advantages of aluminum long-span roofs
  • Disadvantages of aluminum long-span roofs
  • Introduction to Aluminum step-tiles
  • Advantages of Aluminum step-tiles
  • Disadvantages of Aluminum step-tiles
  • Introduction to Metrocoppo
  • Advantages of Metrocoppo
  • Disadvantages of Metrocoppo
  • Wrapping up

Introduction to Aluminum Long-span Roof

Aluminum Long-span
Aluminium Longspan

Aluminum long-span roofs are lightweight roofs made from metals. 

Although aluminum long-span roofs aren’t the only type of metallic roof, we have copper roofs, zinc roofs, and others.

Aluminum long span has two formats.

We have the normal aluminum long-span and Metra aluminum.

Here are key things to note about the two kinds:

  • Normal aluminum length is 0.9 meters which increases its need for woodwork.
  • The Metra aluminum long-span is 1 meter long and requires a little less woodwork.
  • Normal aluminum has more gutters imbued in it which gives it a very good drainage system.

Aluminum long-span roofs are durable, resistant to corrosion, and require low maintenance. Aluminum long-span roofs are designed to cover large areas, and they also provide a perfect drainage system due to the gutters it has.


Aluminum long-span also has long-term durability, which means it will last for years and years. It is estimated to last close to 50 years and more.

Let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum long-span roofs.

Advantages of Aluminum Long-span Roofs

It is Lightweight

One of the advantages of aluminum long-span roofs is their lightweight nature.

This simply means that as opposed to roofs like stone-coated roofs that require extra additional wooding structure due to their weight, aluminum long-span roofs require none of these: no extra wooding. And, inevitably it doesn’t procure more expenses.

But, do take note that normal aluminum long-span has a slight increase for more woodwork as compared to Metra aluminum.

The lightweight nature of aluminum’s long-span also affords less exertion during the transportation of the roofing materials. 

Compatible with harsh environmental circumstances

If you’re staying in coastal areas, riverine areas, and stormy areas, the aluminum long-span roof might be the best fit for you. 

Due to its resistance to harsh environmental weather, we can safely say the aluminum long-span roof is what pillars are to the foundation of a home.

Helps to subside heat!

If your house is in a place prone to heat, if you’re anywhere close to the equator like Sokoto, you might consider installing an aluminum long-span roof due to its energy-efficient nature. 

Let’s proceed to one more advantage of aluminum long span roof:

Increase the value of your home with its corrosive-resistance nature

If you’ve gone to houses that were built 20-30 years ago, without proper materials, the chances of seeing houses with rusted roofs is high. Very high.

But, with an aluminum long-span roof, the roof is said to last for over 50 years without the slightest predisposition to rusting. This automatically increases the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Plus, the aluminum long-span roof gives a modern, straight-line aesthetics.

Once friends and family see that your home has been in good shape for a long time, you can imagine the good compliments that will be showered in your home structure.

Also, this will reduce the expenses spent on renovating your home every 10-20 years.

Proceeding further, let’s discuss the disadvantages of aluminum long-span roofs.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Long-span Roofs

Prone to dents ruin

One of the downsides of aluminum long-span roofs is that they’re prone to denting. Due to its light-weight nature when a heavy object falls on it, the impact is visible.

Silence is evasive 

Another disadvantage of aluminum long-span is its susceptibility to noise. When there is heavy rainfall, storms, and hail, you will hear the noise in torrents. Except, of course, you install soundproofing. 

Another disadvantage of aluminum long-span roofs is

Poor aesthetics appeal

While roofs like stone-coated are known for their beauty, aluminum long-span roofs don’t cut the ladder in terms of beauty. Though it has resilience, aluminum long-span isn’t so beautiful to behold. 

Aside from that, it also has limited design and it’s monopolized in terms of colors and shapes, unlike stone-coated roofs.

Introduction to Aluminum Step-tiles

Aluminium Step-tiles
Aluminum Step tiles


Aluminum step-tile is a design of aluminum roofs made from aluminum coils but in a traditional manner that gives them alluring beauty. It comes in three gauges and looks very much like a classic stone-coated roof when installed. It is harder to install when compared to aluminum long-span.

It has parallel lines in between the gutter of the roofs at about 0.05m, and this gives homes a very luxurious feel.

Similar to aluminum long-span and metrocoppo, it’s also made from aluminum, and its longevity is estimated to be 50 years.

The distinguishing feature of aluminum step-tiles is the interlock of the aluminum panels which gives it a distinct feature in similarity with classic stone-coated roofs.

Here, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum step-tiles.

Advantages of Aluminum Step-tiles

Practical for residential and commercial places

Unlike the monopolized aluminum long-span, aluminum step-tiles are more beauty-inclined, which makes them very good for residential buildings and also commercial buildings.

With its traditional look, aluminum step-tiles are sure to increase the overall value of any house it’s being used to roof.

Another advantage of aluminum step tiles is 

It’s a low-maintenance roof

Unlike roofs like wood and asphalt which pose high maintenance after installation, aluminum step-tiles don’t.

The concept of high maintenance simply means that after installation of the roof, it requires frequent attention to keep it in good shape.

Roofs like wood require constant resealing, while shingles require cleaning and constant removal of debris, but aluminum step-tiles have little demand for regular high maintenance.

Of course, it’s paramount to still ensure that your roof is in good shape, but in comparison to other roofs, aluminum step-tiles thrive without high maintenance.

Conserves Energy

Due to the makeup of aluminum step-tiles, it also helps to reflect sun rays thereby reducing the absorption of heat in homes. It’s considered an eco-friendly roof as it’s also very recyclable.

Let’s see the downside of aluminum step-tiles

Disadvantages of aluminum step-tiles

Expensive and complex to install

Similar to Metrocoppo, aluminum step-tiles are also expensive to install. It’s more expensive than aluminum long-span, but less expensive than Metrocoppo. Also, aluminum step-tiles pose the problem of difficulties in installation.

Other disadvantages of aluminum step-tiles include

The cost of repairs is high

Another downside of aluminum step-tiles is the cost of repairs. 

In contrast to roofs like shingles that are easy to repair, aluminum step-tiles pose the problem of spending a lot to repair the roof.

Improper installation

Another downside of installing aluminum step-tiles is improper installation. Some roof installers lack the knowledge to properly install aluminum step-tiles due to their intricate demands. When there is no proper installation, it can lead to leaks in the roof later on.

Let’s take a look at the Metrcoppo roofing system.

Introduction to Metrocoppo Roof

Aluminum Metrocopo
Aluminum Metrocopo


Metrocoppo roof has similarities with an aluminum long-span roof, it’s also made from aluminum, but its distinguishing feature is its beauty. 

Metrocoppo has a traditional look that’s aesthetically pleasing, with a 1-meter length it’s the most beautiful to behold of all the aluminum, and also the most complex and expensive to install.

The Metrocoppo roof is usually ideal for places where it’s not suitable to use flat roofs and circular roofs. It has curved steps that give it a traditional look and a nice atheistic appeal.

 In similarity with aluminum long-span, it also has forbearance, resilience, and fortitude against harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Advantages of Metrocoppo roof

It has a nice aesthetic appeal

If you’re considering beauty and durability in roofing your house, metrocoppo might be the right roof for you. 

Especially if you can’t afford roofs like stone-coated. Metrocoppo has a nice appeal to it that beats the dull monopolized color of aluminum long-span roof. 

Longevity and durability

Another plus side of using a metrocoppo roof is its longevity, it is said to last for about 50 years. Due to the composite of metrocoppo, its forbearance is also long-term.

 Resistance to household pest

With the upshot of about 100, 000-300, 000 cases of Lassa fever, it’s only prudent to make the right choice of roof that will prevent household animals.

Unlike wooden roofs which are more susceptible to household invasion, metrocoppo roofs aren’t.

Metrocoppo roof helps to prevent the invasion of rats, snakes, and other household animals.

Let’s see the disadvantages of Metrocoppo

Disadvantages of Metrocoppo Roofs

Requires additional weight

Unlike aluminum long span which is light-weighted, and doesn’t require extra woodwork, metrocoppo is heavier. Due to its heaviness, it may require extra woodwork to sustain the structure which shoots up costs.

It is also prone to dent

In similarity with aluminum long-span roofs, when metrocoppo is subjected to heavy objects, it also can develop dent. Which will subject it to renovation.

It’s expensive to install

Due to the extra costs like woodwork that metrocoppo procures, it can be more expensive to install. Also, due to the complexity of its makeup, it may be quite confusing to install. This complexity also drives up its need for maintenance, it’s a high-maintenance roof.


Picking between these three roofs, all depends on you, your taste, your pocket, and your vision for your home. They’re all aluminum roofs, and at Ide Roofing Company, we offer all three for reasonable prices. Check the link to the price list: April price list for all aluminum roof types

Please click on the link to get a quote now.

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