Roofing budget for a 4-bedroom bungalow


Roofing Budget for a 4-bedroom Bungalow

The roofing budget for a 4-bedroom bungalow ranges from N1,800,000 to N3,600,000 for those intending to use aluminium roofing sheets or stonetiles (Gerard) roofing sheets but can be as low as N800,000 to N1,300,000 for those intending to use alu zinc

How did we come up with these figures and what are the factors that affect the roofing budget? Continue to read this article for more insights


Roofing budget for a 4-bedroom bungalow


The price of materials fluctuates and may continue to till when no one knows.

According to global research, the inflation will persist in 2024.

Despite this rise and fall in prices, life must go on, as it did during the great depression, and building beautiful houses must continue.

In this blog post, I want to walk you through factors that will help you map out a friendly and favorable budget for building a four-bedroom bungalow.

Furthermore, I’ll be walking you through four budgeting strategies to manage expenses.

Very quickly, let’s see the importance of setting a budget plan for houses and a four-bedroom bungalow in particular.

Why You Need To Budget When Roofing a House

Budgeting is defined by Investopedia as what forces you to map out your goals, save money, and keep track of progress.

Budgeting helps you track spending and keeps you from being extravagant.

Here, from the definition of budgeting you see the importance of it, but let’s see it in line with roofing a four-bedroom bungalow.

To remain financially stable during and after roofing a house.

One of the most important reasons to map out a roofing budget is to stay within the financial budget. You don’t want to exceed your financial budget and even go bankrupt because you’re building a house.

When you set out a clear budget of what you want to achieve in terms of the roof to use, it will keep you within your financial limit.


Let’s see another importance of mapping out a roofing budget

Help to weather unforeseen circumstances

Due to the uncertainty of prices, the prices of roofing materials might not be exactly what you planned, but setting a proper budget will give you a safe cushion to fall back on.

If you don’t budget while building and roofing a house, you will not be able to make reviews and corrections when needed.

Having seen the importance of budgeting, let’s see

Factors that can affect your roofing budget for a 4-bedroom bungalow

  1. The design of your home matters.
  2. What’s your choice of roofing material?
  3. What’s the design of the roof you want to use?
  4. Design of your roofing material.
  5. Where’s the location of your house?
  6. Calculation of Roof area.
  7. Budgeting strategies to manage expenses.

The design of your home matters.

One of the factors to consider when drawing a budget for a four-bedroom bungalow is the design of your home. You need to consider the design of the four-bedroom bungalow you’re building. Why this is necessary is because different house design demands different roof plans.

Take for instance, building a traditional bedroom bungalow that requires the four bedrooms to stay on one side, and then the kitchen and bathrooms to be situated on another corner may incur less expenses. But, a four-bedroom bungalow with other customized layouts like an en-suite bathroom may add additional expenses.

Here are different four-bedroom designs listed below,

Keep in mind that the choice of the design of your home is dependent on an individual’s preferences, cultural inclinations, and architectural trends.

Regular four-bedroom layout

In this traditional four-bedroom layout or design, the four bedrooms are situated in one space, then the kitchen and bathroom are situated on the other end.

The open-plan design

This design of the four-bedroom bungalow entails incorporating the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, and dining into a large open space. The bedroom branches off from the living room.

Let’s take a look at another design,

Customized layout

This customized layout entails the incorporation of specialized home features such as walk-in closets, en-suite bathrooms, and home offices.

2. What’s Your Roofing Choice?

The second factor to consider when budgeting for roofing a four-bedroom bungalow is your roofing choice. We have several roofs ranging from roofs like asphalt shingles, zinc, stone-coated, and aluminium roofs with their different designs.  Knowing the exact roof you want to use, plus the look you want to achieve will guide you here.

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Here’s a table showing different roof types and their pros and cons.

Different Roofs



Aluminium Roof

Very durable and strong

It’s not as aesthetically pleasing as stone-coated roofs

Stone-coated or Gerard roof

It’s durable and with a beautiful outlook

It’s more expensive

Zinc or Alu Zinc  It’s easy to install  The color of the zinc fades over time, making it unattractive.

3. What’s The Design of the Roof to use?

The choice of roof to use which we stated earlier isn’t the same as the design of the roof to use.

The design of the roof could vary from bungalow roofs to very high envelope roof or complicated roof designs with various coaches and kingspost.

According to most roofers and engineers, the design of the roof, along with the choice of roofing materials are the most important factors that affect the overall cost of roofing.

We have written an article to discuss this in-depth here

4.Design of your roofing material.

This is because while we have aluminium roofs, stone-coated roofs, and zinc roofs, all these roofs still have their different designs.

This means that to budget accurately, not only must you know the roof to use, what design your roof should take; but you must also be deliberate about the design of the roof material you want.

This is important because different roof designs have different outlooks and different prices.

Let’s take a look at the different designs of stone-coated and aluminium roofs.

The stone-coated roofs

The stone-coated roof has six major designs, which are: the shingle design, the Roman design, the Milano design, the classic design, and the flat sheet design.

Here’s a table showing the difference between all the designs.

Stone-coated roofs design

Their outlook

Shingle design

Gives a beautiful appearance with its malleability that gives room for customization and precision.

Roman design

It has a curve that gives it a distinct feature with an interlocking system that makes it good for water drainage.

Milano design

It is also known as the Mediterranean design;  it offers a timeless appeal, and it has a large roof.

Classic design

It is made from natural elements; it gives an antique, rustic look.

Bond design

It has a good interlocking system which makes it very strong.

Flat sheet

It’s easy to install and it gives a traditional look that is pleasing to behold.

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The Aluminium design

Aluminum step-tiles

Aluminium step-tiles


In the similitude of stone-coated roofs, aluminium roofs also have different designs and types.

The aluminium roof has three major designs: the metrocoppo, the aluminium long-span and aluminium steptiles

Below is a table showing the pros and cons of each design of the aluminium roofs.

Aluminium long-span

It’s very easy to install and it is cheaper to install.

It’s also durable with features that give it a good drainage system.

It’s not aesthetically pleasing.

It doesn’t improve the look of a house.


Aluminium step-tiles

It is practical for residential areas due to its beauty and “stonetiles-like” look

It is complex to install


It is diversified and beautiful to behold, the finest of the aluminium roofs.

It requires high maintenance.

Pictures and price of aluminium roofing sheets

4. Where’s the location of your house?

Another factor to consider when budgeting for your four-bedroom house is the location.

Take for instance, if you stay in a rural area, the cost of installing a roof may be low, but the transportation of the roofing materials from the city to your place may incur more expenses.

Also, in an urban area, though the cost of transportation may be less, the cost of workers and materials for roofing itself may be more.

Knowing the location of your house and the possible cost that will be warranted will help you allocate proper funds to these:

  • The Roof itself
  • Roofing materials
  • Woodwork
  • Cost of transportation
  • Payment of workers

5. Calculation of Roofing Area

As we stated above, a four-bedroom bungalow can come in different designs. These designs may require more woodwork or less, hence the need to calculate roof area. Check our link to help you calculate your roof area: easy calculation of roof area.

6.  Budgeting strategies to manage expenses

Here are some strategies to put in place to manage expenses.

  1. Get multiple quotes

One of the easiest things to do to manage funds before you roof a four-bedroom bungalow is to get multiple quotes. Ask several roof installers for their price and pick what suits you best, in these terms: quality of their work, prices of their work, and quality of the materials they install

Another budgeting strategy to put in place is

2. Spend and budget with priority.

This is one of the reasons why we discussed the design of your home. When setting aside funds for roofing, it’s necessary to examine the type of house you want: the feel and look you want your house to imbibe.

Then set priorities for your building and roofing project.

If aesthetics and durability are what you need,  stone-coated roofs or metrocoppo can be your best fit. Based on your affinity and inclinations to the kind of house you want, you should set your priorities.

Take, for instance, you might roof your main house with a stone-coated roofing sheet and then roof the boys’ quarters with an aluminum roofing sheet.

3. Prepare for extra expenses

While you’ve set out the budget to follow, it’s also proper to set aside some money for unforeseen circumstances. It’s needful to set aside contingency fees, in case things don’t go as planned while you roof.

Lastly, another budgeting strategy to put in place is

4. Review and Research

After setting up your budget for roofing, the next thing to do from time to time is to review your budget, research the ever-changing price of things, and evolve your list as the marketing prices change.

For a fair budget and reasonable price, contact Ide Roofing for a quote.

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