Price of Alu Zinc Per Bundle

Price of Alu Zinc in Lagos (July 2024)

Just like aluminium and stonetiles, the price of alu zinc roofing sheets also flunctuates with naira rates. Before we delve further, let me first talk a little bit about alu zinc.


What is Alu Zinc?

Alu zinc is a steel product coated with alloys of aluminium and zinc. Unlike the traditional zinc roofing material that comes in silver-like colour, the alu zinc roofing material sold in Nigeria comes in various colours like your average aluminium roofing sheets and also comes with its own diamond embossment. It takes the keen observation of an expert to be able to distinguish between alu zinc and aluminium.

Alu Zinc has gained significant popularity in the past decade and has become the go to roof of choice in rural parts of Nigeria because of its affordability. Although it combines the aesthetic appeal of aluminium along with the strength of zinc, it is still prone to rust with time and is not as durable as aluminium roofing material but it is also definitely way more durable than Zinc.

Price of alu zinc

There are different types of alu zinc material; amotekun, big face, small face etc.

But for now, we only have the small face as shown below and a bundle goes for N60,000

A bundle of alu zinc contains 15 pieces of alu zinc material that measures 8ft by 3ft and has a thickness of 0.15mm

Price of Alu Zinc Per Bundle

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