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Price of Stonecoated (Gerard) Roofing Sheets (July 2024)

Stonecoated roofing sheets, known best for their durability and aesthetics have become increasingly popular in Nigeria. This article breaks down the price of a square metre of stone coated roofing sheets in Nigeria as updated by IDE ROOFING SYSTEM.

The stone-coated roofing sheets described in this article are produced based on the New Zealand standard and are of complete 0.55mm guage. 

Updated pricelist for July 2024

Classic Stonecoated / Stonetiles
Classic Design: N6500 per Square Metre
Bond Stone-coated/Stonetiles roofing Sheet
Bond Design: N6500 per Square Metre
Shingle stonecoated roof sheets. Black with white patches
Shingle Design: N6600 per Square Metre
Milano Stonecoated /stonetiles roofing Sheet
Milano Design: N6600 per Square Metre
Roman Stonecoated/Gerard Roofing Sheets
Milano Design: N6600 per Square Metre
Gerard Flatsheet
Flatsheet: N6000 per Square Metre

Factors Affecting Price of Stonecoated (Gerard) Roofing Sheets in Nigeria:

  • Profile (Design): Different profiles, like Bond, Shingles, Roman, and Classic, come with varying complexities in manufacturing, impacting the price. Shingles and Roman profiles tend to be slightly more expensive due to their intricate design when compared to bond and classic that comes with simple designs and therefore tend to be cheaper.
  • Thickness: The thicker the sheet, the sturdier and more expensive it will be. Standard thickness ranges from 0.40mm to 0.55mm, with thicker options available at a premium. Although most brands claim that their coated profiles are of 0.55mm, most fall below the requested standard.
  • Brand and Origin: Reputable brands often command a higher price due to their established quality and warranty. Additionally, imported sheets from countries like New Zealand might be pricier than those from China or Korea which have currently saturated the market and driven competition.
  • Location: Prices can vary slightly depending on your location in Nigeria due to transportation and distribution costs.

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