Aluminium Metrocopo Budget

Practical Roofing Budget for a 3-Bedroom using Aluminium Metrocopo(Metcopo)

Aluminium Metrocopo Roofing Project in Oyo State by Ide Roofing System

Aluminium Metrocopo, also known as Metcopo, is arguably one of the most admired aluminium roofing sheets in Nigeria. This modern roofing sheet is considered by many aluminium roof enthusiasts to be the superior choice among the three aluminium roof styles: Longspan, Steptiles, and Metcopo itself.

Roofing budget for a 3-bedroom using Aluminium Metrocopo

One major question we keep getting is “how much should I budget for my 3- bedroom using metrocopo roofing sheets?” The truth is that I do not know and prospective clients do not want to hear that. 

The reason why I insist I do not know is because the size of every 3-bedroom bungalow differs and therefore the quantity of roofing materials differ. What I now do is draw an average from the many projects I have personally supervised.

Metrocopo Wood Girth Recommendation

Before initiating any Metrocopo roofing project, it is our practice to verify the girth of the woodwork.

The girth refers to the horizontal distance between two overlapping pieces of wood.

As Metrocopo is a contemporary roofing style, many carpenters and installers struggle to construct the correct woodwork, which often results in improper installation and subsequent leaks.

Prior to the installation of Metrocopo on any wooden framework, we ensure that the girth measures 0.380m. This dimension is our standard recommendation for all Metrocopo roofing projects. While this may increase the cost due to a greater quantity of wood required, it is a crucial and possibly the most significant aspect to consider during the construction of woodwork for Metrocopo.

Roofing budget for a 3-bedroom using Aluminium Metrocopo


Key features of the roofing materials used:

Colour: Nut Brown – This appealing colour choice enhances the building’s aesthetic with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Gauge: 0.55mm – The chosen thickness strikes a balance between durability and cost-effectiveness for the roofing sheets.

Material Breakdown:

          Roof: 320 meters of Aluminium Metrocopo sheets were acquired at N7300 per meter.
          Cladding: 45 meters of Aluminium cladding sheets were utilized at N7000 per meter.
          Flatsheet: 65 meters of Aluminium flatsheet were employed for crafting the ridges and gutters, priced at N7000 per meter.

Overall cost of using Aluminium Metrocopo for a 3-bedroom bungalow

Our client spent a total of N3,531,000 to use aluminium metrocopo for his 3-bedroom project. This is inclusive of transportation cost from our factory at Agege to Oyo Town which is priced at N90,000, Installation cost of N250,000 and accessories cost of N85,000. The breakdown of the materials has been cited above.

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