Stonetiles : Per squared metre or per metre?

Is Stonetiles/Gerard Sold Per Squared Metre or Per Metre?

Is Stonetiles/Gerard Sold Per Squared Metre or Per Metre?

Some clients have asked the question: “Is stonetiles sold per square meter or per meter? When we tell them that stonetiles (also called stone-coated and erroneously called Gerard) is sold per square meter and not per meter, they tend to argue with the logic being “but this is a rectangle and not a square.”

This has led me to write this article in an attempt to enlighten potential customers on the difference between per square meter and per meter.

Area of a rectangle/square.

In basic maths, the area of a rectangular or square shaped material is known to be gotten by multiplying the length of the material by its breadth/width. When this is done, the result will be expressed in the square of its measuring unit. For instance, if you measure the length and breadth of a rectangle in metre, the area then becomes metre squared

This is not in anyway different from the area of a roofing material since it is also rectangular in shape.


Length, breadth/width and the area of stonetiles/stone-coated roofing sheet

In the video below, you will notice that upon measuring the longest distance of a sample of Milano stonecoated roofing sheets, we noticed that the result obtained is approximately 1.34 metres. 

After lapping 2 of the roofing sheets into 1, we noticed that the breadth of a sample of Milano obtained is approximately 0.8 metres.

When we multiply the length of the roofing sheet by its breadth (1.34 x 0.8) we get 1.074 metres squared as the result.

This implies that theoretically, as of the period of this investigation, 2 pieces of stonecoated or stonetiles (Gerard) roofing sheets of type Bond, Classic, Shingle, Roman, Milano etc makes 1 sqm.


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