Roofing quotes for a 3-bedroom with room & parlour extention

3-bedroom with room & parlour

By now, most of our readers/clients already have an idea of what it costs to roof a 3-bedroom bungalow but I doubt anyone knows much of what it will cost to roof a 3-bedroom with room & parlour self contain attached to it.

Honestly, it has been a while since I last wrote about any project completed by Ide Roofing System and I never thought I would miss writing this much. 

In the next few paragraphs I will try to summarize the total roof requirements for a 3-bedroom with room and parlour extention

Project roof description

The house, alongside its extention has a total length of 21.5mts and a width of 14mts. Its Kingpost is 4.5mts high.

Remember: The length, width and kingpost of a building are the 3 most crucial factors used in calculating the area of the roof in square metres and the amount of roofing materials that will be necessary in completing the project.

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Roof quotation for the 3-bedroom bungalow plus a room & parlour extension

Our client reached me directly and after much haggling on the price of the roofing sheets, we came an agreement and she immediately requested for us to visit the site for inspection.

Normally, we would charge a token for transportation fares to her site but we made an exception on her case because we already have a project we were completing just few blocks away from her site.

On getting to the site, we came up with the following quotation:

Roofing Sheets (Longspan) : 375.5 square metres at the rate of N6300 per sqm for 0.50mm thickness

Facial and ceiling cladding: 58 square metres at the same rate

Flatsheet: 75 square metres at the same rate.

We charged her N200,000 for installation, N85,000 for accessories and extra N45,000 to waybill the goods from our factory at Agege to her exact address.

Uncertainty and doubts

Of course, she had her doubts initially when we gave her the quotes. In fact, she had to visit the factory on a random day to verify our physical address and the quality of our products. At the factory, she kept asking me “I hope what you have quoted will be enough for the job?” 

I gave her 100% assurances and I immediately suspected she has perhaps received ridiculous quotations from other parties before now. 

She requested that we arrive the site by 6:00am so we could finish early. To her surprise, we got to the site way before her arrival. 

5-Stars and recommendations

After we completed her project, she gave us our deserving 5-star reviews and also recommeded us to prospective clients


5-Star review for Ide Roofing System
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