Roofing project in Ikire, Osun state for a 2 bedroom duplex

roofing project
Completed Project

This roofing project was carried out by Ide Roofing System at Ikire in Osun state under the supervision of Michael Chibuzo the Sales Manager. The building is a 2 bedroom bungalow with a boys quarters attached to it. The main building consumed 332.4mts of roofing sheets, 66mts of cladding and 53mts of flatsheet which was used in constructing the ridges, gutters, eve angle e.t.c Likewise, the boys quarters consumed 163.6mts of roofing sheets, 30mts of cladding and 40.5mts of flatsheet. The roofing sheet was corrugated under 2 hours and installation took place within 36 hours.

Roofing project in Ikire

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Michael Chibuzo Sales Manager
Chibuzo Michael is the sales and marketing manager of Ide Roofing System. He is a polymath and he plays a lot of chess in his spare time.

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