Roofing project at Ifo, Ogun state for a 3 bedroom flat and a shop

Completed project with pale green colour

Ide Roofing System is a reputable roofing company that recently had the opportunity to showcase their excellent craftsmanship in the beautiful town of Ifo, located in the serene Ogun state. The project involved roofing a unique 3 bedroom bungalow along with an attached shop, which added an extra level of complexity to the project. The project was supervised by the very talented and experienced Sales Manager, Michael Chibuzo, who ensured that every detail of the project was executed to perfection. It is worth highlighting that the project consumed high-quality materials, including 270 meters of roofing sheets and 44 meters of cladding, which were utilized efficiently for the main building. Additionally, 65 meters of roofing sheets, 20 meters of cladding, and 25 meters of flatsheet were also put to use for the shop, all of which were installed in an impressive 12 hours! Overall, Ide Roofing System has yet again delivered a top-notch project that has exceeded their client’s expectations.

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Why did the client choose Aluminium?

If you’re looking for a roofing material that meets multiple needs, aluminum might be the perfect solution for your home. This durable material is not only lightweight, but has gained in popularity thanks to its unique benefits that make it stand out from other options. When it comes to harsh weather conditions, such as high winds, hail, and snow, aluminum roofing proves to be a reliable choice that ensures maximum protection and safety for your home. Additionally, aluminum is corrosion-resistant, which means it can withstand the effects of rust and other forms of damage that could shorten your roof’s lifespan. Moreover, aluminum is a sustainable option that reduces your carbon footprint as an eco-friendly material. Overall, if you seek a roofing material that combines practicality, longevity, and sustainability, aluminum roofing is a strong contender that deserves consideration.

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Michael Chibuzo Sales Manager
Chibuzo Michael is the sales and marketing manager of Ide Roofing System. He is a polymath and he plays a lot of chess in his spare time.

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