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Arabian/Flat roofs (Secret roof)

Arabian/Secret/Hidden/Flat Roofs construction

In Nigeria, flat roofs have gained quite the popularity amongst property developers and home owners as a result of their sleek design. But are they the best roofing style? 

Generally, at Ide Roofing System, we do not recommend constructing flat roofs in areas with high rainfall like Lagos as this could prove to be challenging. However, when clients insists they want flat roofs, they do so because of its affordability and modern minimalistic look. 

Constructing flat roofs in Lagos and areas with heavy rainfall

If you must construct flat roofs in areas with significant rainfall, then you must ensure that;

  1.  The roof is constructed with a slight slope or fall to allow for proper drainage. This is perhaps the most important factor to keep in mind before embarking on flat roof construction. Usually, it is recommended that for every 960 inches of horizontal distance, the roof should have a vertical drop of 1 inch. This is simply a ratio of 1:960. The slope is crucial for preventing water from pooling on the roof after rainfall as this can lead to water penetrating through the nailed region into the wood and thereby causing leaks and structural damage. So having a good slope is typically recommended for effective water runoff.
  2. All plastering to be done on the top of the wall should be completed before the installation of roofing materials. This is because aluminium is highly susceptible to damages when in contact with cement. So to avoid defects and leaks, do not allow cement to come in contact with your roof.
  3. Aluminium flatsheet should be used efficiently and adequately to cover the top of the wall. To avoid wall cracks.
  4. Where there is money, felt rubber should be used to provide water proof barrier that helps repel water away from wall surfaces.
  5. High quality  roofing sheets should be used and adequate woods should be used in ensuring that the girth is not too wide.
  6. Experts are contracted to do the job 
Nowadays, most clients love the idea of what we know as secret roof which can also be called arabian roof, hidden roof or flat roof. One of the perks of these secret roofs which is becoming rampant is that when compared to contemporary hip roofs it is relatively cheaper to construct and easier to maintain.
We started the woodwork in the image above from the scratch and completed the project within 3 days.
We depend on speed and accuracy to deliver the very best of roofing experience to our customers.
This is a secret roof project (Arabian roof) completed at Ikorodu.
We sell, install and supply quality roofing sheets at affordable rates.

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