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Price of Shingles in Nigeria
Price of Bond roofing sheet
Michael Chibuzo

Price of Stonecoated (Gerard) Roofing Sheets (July 2024)

Stonecoated roofing sheets, known best for their durability and aesthetics have become increasingly popular in Nigeria. This article breaks down the price of a square metre of stone coated roofing sheets in Nigeria as updated by IDE ROOFING SYSTEM. The stone-coated roofing sheets described in this article are produced based on the New Zealand standard and are of complete 0.55mm

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Aluminium Long-span
Michael Chibuzo

Price of Aluminium Roofing Sheets(July 2024)

If you’re thinking about getting a new roof, you might be considering aluminium. Aluminium roofing sheets are lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant, and energy-efficient. They can also last for up to 50 years with proper maintenance. But how much does an aluminium roof cost?

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Roofing Process for a 3-bedroom with room & parlour extention
Roof budget
Michael Chibuzo

Roofing quotes for a 3-bedroom with room & parlour extention

By now, most of our readers/clients already have an idea of what it costs to roof a 3-bedroom bungalow but I doubt anyone knows much of what it will cost to roof a 3-bedroom with room & parlour self contain attached to it. Honestly, it has been a while since I last wrote about any project completed by Ide Roofing

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About Us

At Ide Roofing System, we’re passionate about providing high-quality roofing solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. With over 10 years of experience in the roofing industry, we’ve built a reputation for excellence and professionalism.

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Price of Alu Zinc Per Bundle
Michael Chibuzo

Price of Alu Zinc in Lagos (July 2024)

Just like aluminium and stonetiles, the price of alu zinc roofing sheets also flunctuates with naira rates. Before we delve further, let me first talk a little bit about alu zinc.   What is Alu Zinc? Alu zinc is a steel product coated with alloys of aluminium and zinc. Unlike the traditional zinc roofing material that comes in silver-like colour,

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